Alessandro Marsina is a portrait photographer who works intimately with artists in diverse areas of the fine art world; not constrained to this he also focuses on documentary.

Alessandro was born in Lake Como in Italy and moved to Rome in 2003. He attended ISFCI, The Superior Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication for two years.

During his time living in the Italian neighbourhood of San Lorenzo and attending ISFCI, located in the Pastificio Cerere Marsina made acquaintances with the Roman school of artists that work and have their studios in the area. 

This gradually led to Alessandro's formation in the fine art world where he was commissioned by various artists in the following years to photograph their works and complete artistic portraiture. Of the various artists that Alessandro has worked for over the last decade, those with which he has had more intimate rappoir have been with friend and mentor Marco Tirelli, Pier Pizzi Cannella, Rossella Fumasoni, Oliviero Rainaldi, Giuseppe Gallo and close friend Giuseppe Capitano.

His work has been shown in catalogues in Rome, Milan, Venice, New York, Paris and in various prestigious galleries.

In 2010 Alessandro moved to Sydney, Australia where he is currently based.